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Denture Re-Lining
Prosthetic Dentistry - Dentures
Denture Relines

The relining of a denture serves to "refit an older or existing denture to the new changing shape of your gums."

A denture is essentially a piece of acrylic fitted with denture teeth that covers the gum areas where the natural teeth have been lost or extracted. There are many reasons that dentures will become more loose or ill fitting with time. Dentures will begin to rock and loose their fit as bone loss increases. This in turn leads to a domino effect of even more sore gums, pain, swelling and the increased loss of the ability to use these dentures to chew food. This may cause the teeth to meet in an uneven fashion which may also increase bone loss and sore areas.

Many factors cause a denture to need more frequent relines. These can include poor impression technique, inattention to detail when processing a denture, use of inexpensive teeth that wear poorly, or lack of attention to the way the denture teeth fit with your existing other teeth.  

The idea of a reline is to make dentures fit better. The reline or rebase of a denture changes the "inside of the denture to match the shape of your gums". The fit of the biting surfaces of your teeth is also checked to be sure that they fit with the to shape the other existing teeth. The purpose of the reline is to make the denture more stable and retentive. It can help you to eat better without sore areas.

With today's advancements in denture prosthetics and the availability of mini implants, it might be more healthful to  Poor fitting dentures can lead to increasing bone loss. As time goes on this can make it more and more difficult to wear even a new or relined denture. As the amount of bone loss increases it becomes more and more difficult to wear any denture. Often with increasing bone loss we will discuss placing 2 to 4 implants to help the denture be more retentive and more comfortable. If a denture is not stable it may need to be replaced and not relined.
Denture Repairs
Prosthetic Dentistry - Dentures
We have the expertise and equiptment to repair most dentures while you wait, or on the same day!

Since  dentures are detachable, they may be dropped or broken. Happily, many denture repairs can be done at our office, often on the same day.  We always recommend that patients have some form of spare or temporary denture whenever their denture replaces their front teeth.  Most people do not have this, so a broken denture is often an embarrassing emergency.  We understand that and try to do repairs as quickly as possible.  Please save all pieces and  call as early in the day as possible.