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Preventative Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the modern way of reducing the amount of dental treatment necessary to maintain a healthy mouth.

It helps you to keep your teeth. The two major causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. The better we prevent or deal with these two problems, the more chance people have of keeping their teeth for life.

The joint efforts of the dentist, the hygienist and the patient, can help to prevent the need for treatment, and so avoid the traditional pattern of fillings and extractions.

A course of treatment may be recommended to get your mouth into good condition, and a maintenance plan will be worked out to help you keep it that way.

Dental Exams
Preventative Dentistry - Examinations

Preventing costly and expensive dental treatment begins with regular dental examinations.   Regular dental exams include many phases of treatment.

-Cancer screening for Oral and peri-Oral areas

-Screening for periodontal (gum) disease.   Periodontal disease, which is much easier to prevent than it is to treat. Regular cleaning will help stop the build-up of tartar. Tartar provides a place for the bacteria to hide.  These bacteria on the root surfaces ca lead to f gum disease.

-Examination for cavities.  During a through examination the dentist will look for new cavities, fractured (broken) or failing old fillings, as well as problems with older crowns or other restorations.    Patients will often not realize that they have decay or failing restorations until they have pain.  Often, we do not feel pain until decay has spread into or close to the pulp (nerve).  Many times when a patient comes in, already in pain, a tooth will need a root canal treatment or a crown to fix their problem.  If the decay is large enough, the tooth may not be able to be saved.  Avoiding exams does not prevent cavities. It allows the problems to spread into more extensive and costly problems.

- Review Home

- Help detect non-dental disease. At times symptoms related to an oral exam may make us aware of the possibility of other related diseases. We have identified patients with symptoms that have required follow-up by their physicians.

Regular Dental Exams can be your best form of insurance.  We strive to find small problems before they get larger, more involved and more expensive!
Preventative Dentistry - X-Rays

Using X-Rays to Diagnose Dental Problems

X-rays are a vital aspect to dental diagnosis and treatment. Many potentially injurious conditions would go undetected were it not for the regular utilization of X-rays. Modern X-ray film, equipment and technique make dental radiation safe and effective tools to ensure optimal dental health.

For example, an X-ray of a patient who hasn't been to a dentist in two years can reveal a build-up of tartar (calculus). The calculus is visible on the X-ray as wisps or thorns projecting from the sides of the teeth underneath the gums where you cannot see them. These “thorns of calculus” are a major cause of puffy and bleeding gums (gingivitis), which leads to bone loss and periodontal disease. A dental prophylaxis (cleaning) can make your teeth brighter and squeaky clean once again!

Necrotic Tooth -- A Tooth in Which the Pulp (Nerve Chamber) Has Died

Though many teeth which die do not discolor, a dark purple area of a tooth seen on an X-ray indicates that the pulp of the tooth has died, likely due to a cavity or other trauma. Such a tooth needs root canal therapy or other treatment in a timely manner to prevent extensive infection and abscess.

Once a tooth has died, it tends to become brittle and will eventually break down without proper treatment from your dentist. Since the tooth has died, it may not feel sensitive to the patient and is often ignored. As a dentist, I routinely see patients who have broken off the entire crown of a necrotic tooth! Though the tooth may still be saved after it has broken off, unfavorable fractures may require extraction.

A dark shadow around the root of a tooth indicates a tooth abscess (infection) or other pathology.

Preventative Dentistry - Cleaning

Preventative Dentistry – ITS NOT JUST A CLEANING  !!!!!

Why you should not skip Your Dental Cleaning Appointment

During our Re-care appointments (cleaning) many phases of treatments take place.  Often a patient does not realize all the facets of care that are taking place.

Regular cleanings at Dr. Mona Sims' office include:

-Oral and peri-oral cancer screening- Oral cancer is treatable when found at an early stage.

-Screening of periodontal (gum and bone health) we monitor changes in gingival and osseous structures). Often the symptoms of Periodontal (gum disease) are not recognized by the patient.

-Screening for cavities and fractured or failing restorations. This includes leaking, perforations in crowns or decay.  Prevention is always stressed.   Early repairs of failing restorations (fillings or crowns) or the repair of decay at an early stage is the best way maintain your teeth and save money.

-Cleaning of your teeth.  This is the best way to prevent Periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease is an infection in your gums.  Often it has little or no symptoms until enough bone is lost that cause the teeth to get loose.  Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss.  Periodontal (gum) disease is most successfully treated in its very early stages.

-Polishing to remove stain and Oral hygiene review should be included in every visit


If you Want to Preserve Your Smile, prevent more extensive and costly treatment then get on a regular re-care schedule. Dental problems are always easiest and less expensive to fix when found at an early stage.  
If you Have Dental Insurance then Cleaning appointments are often covered in full by most insurance companies!

Oral Cancer Screening
Preventative Dentistry - Cancer Screening

A very Important part of any recall appointment is the oral cancer screening.

-Our goal is to identify suspicious or obvious lesions during every re-care appointment.  The best chances of a cure are when we can identify any change at an early stage.  We try to identify these areas before the symptoms of disease are evident.  Oral cancer is most easily treated when it is identified before it gets a chance to spread (metastasize).

-Very often the only symptom of early oral cancer is a sore area of the mouth or tongue.  Many times no symptoms are present in early cancer lesions. Examination may reveal only a small area of red or white tissue on the gum, cheek or tongue area.  After careful removal of any possible cause we wait a short time before revaluating all areas.  Any areas of change that remain  will require microscopic examination to determine their cause and treatment.

-There are many factors that can increase the chances of being diagnosed with oral cancer.  Some of these may include smoking or alcohol.  However, many patients identified with cancer have none of the high risk factors present.  This tells us the importance of screening every patient regardless of his or her medical history, age or risk factors.