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Home Home Wellness News Childhood Obesity Driving Cancers in Young Adults
Childhood Obesity Driving Cancers in Young Adults
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She said the review does a nice job of gathering available evidence. But there's "not a huge body of information yet because weight has increased pretty significantly in young people in a short time, and we don't know the ramifications of that yet," added Ligibel, who is with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Ligibel also chairs the American Society of Clinical Oncology's obesity and energy balance subcommittee. She wasn't involved in the study.

She said it's not clear exactly how obesity might increase cancer risk. "But it's probably not just one factor," she noted.

"Obesity causes higher levels of inflammation. It also causes higher levels of insulin and other growth hormones. Obesity leads to higher levels of sex hormones. Also, there are related factors, including diet. There's a lot we need to learn," she said.

Berger added that epigenetics are likely involved, too. Epigenetics are changes that occur in gene activity without changing the DNA itself.

Those kinds of changes may be lasting, even if someone who was heavy as a child loses weight, Berger said.

He said it's probably similar to what happens with smoking and cancer risk. When people quit smoking, their risk of cancer drops dramatically, but never completely disappears, he explained.

And even though the risk might not go away completely, it's still important to try to lose weight, he said.

"Cutting down obesity impacts cancer risk, as well as the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Losing weight helps," Berger said.

Ligibel agreed, citing studies that showed the risk of cancer was cut by half for people who've had weight-loss surgery.

The study looked at 100 publications worldwide, with data reaching back more than four decades.

The review also points to the need for physicians to keep cancer on their diagnostic radar, even for younger patients. "If you have an obese patient with blood in the stool, evaluate them for colon cancer, even at a younger age," Berger suggested.

The review was published March 23 in the journal Obesity.

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