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Home Home Wellness News Accidents at the Fair: 'No One Plans for This'
Accidents at the Fair: 'No One Plans for This'
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August 4, 2017 -- Briley Reynolds and her sister Kayla fell 40 feet from a Ferris wheel car at a county fair in Tennessee last year.

Nearly a year later, the physical effects of that fall remain, especially for Briley, who was 6 at the time.

In a federal lawsuit filed in July, the family says Briley, who was in an induced coma after the accident, had a traumatic brain injury. She continues to see a neurologist, has short-term memory loss, and is very sensitive to things like being trapped on an elevator. The family says she also needs a special plan at school because of her condition, which they say has greatly affected their lives.

Kayla, 10 at the time, broke her arm.

“No one plans for this,” says the family’s attorney, David Cedar. “Both parents watched the children being poured out of the bucket onto the ground.”

“You’re going to the fair thinking it’s safe,” her mother, Kimmie Reynolds, said after the incident last summer. “You are expecting there to be certain standards.”

Reynolds says she can’t talk to the media now because of the family’s legal action against the ride’s designer, operator, manufacturer, and inspectors.

Efforts to reach the company that operates the Ferris wheel, Family Attractions Amusement Co., were unsuccessful. A lawyer for the company did not return repeated calls for comment. Shortly after the accident, however, the company told Good Morning, America that “By no means do we take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visit our midway each week.”

High-profile accidents and injuries on rides are in the spotlight after Tyler Jarrell, 18, died last month when part of a ride called Fire Ball at the Ohio State Fair snapped and threw him and others into the air.

Jarrell was killed, and seven others were injured. His death is one of 22 fatalities at all amusement attractions since 2010, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is investigating this latest accident. The agency has jurisdiction over fairs and other amusement operations that move from one place to another.

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